* Technology Integration Process

This is the site for the Chautaqua TIP project. TIP is a knowledge repository containing information, tools, techniques, tips, and other knowledge granules found useful in preparing tomorrow’s teachers to use technology. Includes a searchable database for case studies collected by the University of Missouri-Columbia and Texas A&M.

* KITE - Case-Based Reasoning 2.0 Blog

Participate in a blog about the rise of case-based reasoning 2.0. Web 2.0 is changing the way people learn and work. From this concept of Web 2.0, comes the concept of case-based reasoning 2.0 (CBR 2.0). Each concept shares some of the same underlining philosophies. In this blog, you can share your experience with the KITE cases, discuss case-based reasoning, and meet others who are using the KITE resources.

* TechConnect

The TechConnect site has been developed by the College of Education faculty. It includes resources, stories and lesson plans for sharing experiences in using technology for learning.

* Learning through technology

Developed by the National Institute for Science Education, this site has organized case studies along a set of major themes which are presented on this website. The National Institute for Science Education's (NISE) College Level One (CL-1) Team, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a nationwide community of post-secondary science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (SMET) faculty, education researchers, faculty developers, and students.

* Technology integration video cases

The INTIME project addresses deficiencies in teacher education programs in preparing preservice teachers to use technology effectively in the PreK-12 classroom. The purpose of INTIME is to provide the necessary resources for methods faculty to revise their courses, model technology integration, and require preservice teachers to integrate technology, along with components of quality education, in their lessons and units. A consortium of five participating Renaissance Group universities has come together in this project to create new learning resources and implement new standards for technology integration in preservice teacher preparation.

>> Case Study Builder
The Case Studies Builder feature allows educators to create a case study by designing an activity using video vignettes available on the InTime site. It is a step-by-step web based guide that helps to determine which theoretical components and videos are most appropriate for educational purposes. It helps educators write reflective questions and activities and creates a printable customized handout for their students.
>> Searchable Video Database
Find a Video is a page where a user of the InTime site can search the database for a video, using several options: (1) content area, (2) grade level, (3) teacher name, (4) an particular element of the Technology as a Facilitator of Quality Education Model, (5) software or hardware used, and several other categories. Each video vignette is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan, provided by the teacher featured in the video, a set of probing questions, and a scrolling text.

* Learning with Technology Profile Tool
The Learning With Technology Profile Tool is a computer program intended to help educators think carefully about their practice in the areas of engaged learning and technology. The program presents indicators of engaged learning and indicators of technology. For each indicator there are three choices that educators can compare to their own practice. When finished, educators can view the results in a graphical format to help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

* The Knowledge Loom

The Knowledge Loom is a knowledge sharing community organized around best practices in teaching and learning. Educators can use The Knowledge Loom to identify what works in teaching and learning within a variety of themes/topics and find ways to adapt what works to their own schools and districts.

* Classrooms that work using the tools of technology

The Classrooms that Work project creates companion video and multimedia tools that provide comprehensive views of classrooms that work using technology. CD and web-based multimedia provide electronic access to everything teachers and students in the project classrooms use and produce. To interest a teacher in further exploration of the extensive multimedia materials, short videos feature highlights of the classrooms at work. The multimedia material stands alone but is enhanced by videos, tying classroom processes and materials together just as an actual visit to a classroom would. This site provides access to stories and materials.