Symptom descriptions, root causes, and repair information, tips, explanations, contacts, and links to related information such as on-line service bulletins or maintenance manuals

acknosoft kaidara

Standalone configuration, client/server mode, Intranet/Extranet environment, and on the Internet. For web-based applications, Kaidara supports Java beans, applets, and HTML front ends using servlets and JSP files


A procedural programming language;WEB with most DBMS


Rule-based Inference Engines;mostly for business

AI programming language;A lot of demos

Casepower by inductive software

Similar metrics and rule-based;Excel-based

Inference e-Gain

Enterprise Interaction Management (EIM). The eGain Distributed Web Component Architecture (DWCA) model, based on industry standards such as J2EE, HTTP(S), XML, and DHTML


Model-based reasoning with case-based reasoning

Intellix Knowman

self generalising learning algorithm Neural Nets;software framework called S.O.U.L. (Self-Optimising Universal Learner

Sententia Software CASE Advisor

Knowledge database: nothing about the technique;PC-based problem diagnosis and resolution system

Knowledge Builder ServiceSoft (KANA)

CBR-Works Empolis

Fully functional case-based reasoning system;written with CQL


Tree-tools;heuristic search and natural language


Then model-based systems then cased-based reasoning;postcard-ware language (tool)


Common Case Representation language,object-oriented frame-like language for storing and exchanging descriptive models and case libraries in ASCII files

software around AI

From the machine-learning-network

CBR development-tool

A review: from 1994

Knowledge-based Systems: demos