The Knowledge Innovation for Technology in Education Project involves a consortium of 8 partners collaborating to address issues in creating and diffusing technology integration knowledge. Building upon the foundation set in place by the Technology Integration Process Knowledge Repository Project and the TechConnect Project, both of which captured a collection of stories describing teacher education faculty's and inservice teachers' experiences in integrating technology, this project will expand and integrate these two sources to function as a performance support system for teachers, teacher education faculty, technology coordinators, and administrators in technology integration. The project's mission is to build a K-16 community of practice through a knowledge repository that enables learning through sharing, communal understanding through storytelling, continuous exchange and creation of new knowledge, and collective problem solving among K-12 schools and teacher education programs. In order to fulfill this primary goal, we will design a knowledge repository for teachers and teacher educators and apply case-based reasoning, a contemporary theory of human memory and intellect, to describe and index stories and cases as they are added to the repository.